Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chop off their ears

A father clever but cruel
Had many children

He watched his wife give birth
To every single one of them

They entered the world
They opened their eyes

But as their lids rose
They saw their father,
They cried and cried

He was scared for sure
What if they abandoned him
For another father

He knew not love
But he knew control
As they cried and cried
So he did decide
Better all my life
I shall be their guide
Then let them see a world
They might deem better than me

So he cut out their eyes
And they could not see

So they followed him blind
Until the day they learned to speak

And they learnt words
And asked why the world was dark?
And was it the same for everyone?
And so he had others cut out their tongues

Better they think a type of loyalty to me
Then realise the cruelty I decided

Before even memory they could not see
Knew nothing but me
I made them blind
And now my servants
Made sure they never realise

He considered having their ears chopped off
But watched their behaviour
They lived in a prison
But were still loyal to him
Without the senses to understand

They directed their anger toward the servants. 

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